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New Lumineers over Old

I’ve had my lumineers for about 5 years. They’re okay but not as white as I wanted them. At the time, my dentist said that’s as white as they get. To me, they look dingy especially compared to other smile makeovers I’m seeing out there. I’m thinking about having him put new lumineers over them because it seems like you can get whiter now. However, my friend (who’s makeover is […]

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Left: porcelain crown; Right: porcelain veneer

Can a Cosmetic Dentist Match One Crown?

I had crowns done many years ago on all my teeth. One of them felt loose last week so I scheduled an appointment with a new cosmetic dentist. He told me the crown needed to be replaced. That didn’t surprise me given its age. What did surprise me was he said I’d need to replace all of them in order for them to match. I was shocked to think he […]

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