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Dental Implant Crown Doesn’t Match

This is the third crown my dentist has done for my dental implant. He can’t seem to get it to match. The last exchange we had he accused me of being too picky and I should be happy that I have a tooth. Apparently my tooth color is between A1 and A2. I don’t understand why it is impossible with a crown if my dental flipper matched okay? Now he […]

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Teeth being prepped for porcelain veneers

My Veneers Keeping Coming Off

I need some advice. I’ve been in tears since getting my porcelain veneers. This has not gone as expected and I feel like a guinea pig. The first unexpected thing came when I discovered she ground my teeth down to little dark nubs. I thought porcelain veneers didn’t need to grind down your teeth that much. But, that isn’t the worst part. I start getting this bad smell, then one […]

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teeth whitening trays

Fixing Tetracycline Stains without Porcelain Veneers

I have tetracycline stains. I had bonding put on them several years ago, but they’ve gotten kind of old, bumpy, and stained. I can’t afford porcelain veneers. Is there any way whitening will help? Candace Dear Candace, For the benefit of those who do not know what tetracycline stains are, if you take tetracycline before you are 12 years old, it will deposit in the dentin of your teeth. This […]

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