“Dr. Newkirk listens to my concerns and then uses his expertise to find a solution. He goes the extra mile to take care of his patients.”
Actual Patient: AlexiaSmile Makeover by Dr. Newkirk

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Featured In Chicago Magazine
We are proud that Dr. Newkirk has been chosen by his peers as the dentist they would see for their dental needs.
“I wanted to see the finest cosmetic dentist in the Chicagoland area. The name I kept hearing was David Newkirk in Naperville. Having him do my smile makeover was the smartest decision that I could have made. I couldn’t be happier with the result.”
Jerome Usheroff, DDS

Skills and Expertise

Practicing Dentist, Lecturer, and Educator
Dr. Newkirk is a well-known cosmetic dentist who has been sought out by many prestigious people from around the world, including the Saudi Arabian royal family.

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Brandi Rowlett

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Keith Gelinas

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