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Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that is perfect for spots, chips, or other small defects in teeth.

The Dental Bonding Procedure

The surface of the tooth near the repair area is first roughened slightly, and the edges may be feathered so that the repair becomes undetectable. Then this area is etched, and a bonding agent is applied. Composite restorative material is then placed over the defect. This material has the consistency of stiff putty, and our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Newkirk, will shape it. It contains light-activated accelerators, so that when an intense light is shined on it, it will harden. Then the material is trimmed and polished.

Usually, there are several shades of composite used for a single repair. You’ll notice in the photographs below that the teeth are not a single shade from top to bottom. There are also varying translucencies in a natural tooth. The biting edge is fairly translucent. The body of the tooth has a more opaque inner dentin covered with a more translucent, shiny enamel. Dr. Newkirk is skilled in manipulating all these materials to replicate your natural tooth structure.

Here is an example of a chip on a front tooth that is repaired with dental bonding:

*Actual patient of Dr. David Newkirk.

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