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Allergic to Fillings

I had my first filling a few months ago. My insurance only covered silver fillings so I went ahead and got those. Ever since, I haven’t felt right and my tongue has been itchy. I think I’m allergic to the filling. Have you heard of this? My dentist doesn’t think that’s the problem.


Dear Catie,

before and after mercury-free fillings

If you’ve eliminated other possibilities then it could very well be your fillings. Some people have metal sensitivities. You could have some allergy testing done, but those are quite expensive. It might be cheaper in the long run for you to just change out the silver fillings for composite ones.

If you do decide to do that, you’ll need to see a dentist who knows how to do a sanitary amalgam removal. This way you won’t inhale or ingest any mercury in the removal process. That’s the last thing your body needs at this moment.

If your dentist doesn’t know how to do that or is unwilling, do an internet search for a mercury-free dentist. They’ll be able to give you exactly what you need.

Why Aren’t all Dentists Mercury-Free?

I often have people ask me why dentists still offer the silver fillings when the composite fillings are so superior. The answer to that is options. Like you, there are many patients who don’t want to have to pay the additional cost of the white fillings when insurance doesn’t cover it.

As long as the American Dental Association (ADA) says that amalgam fillings are safe. And as long as insurance companies only cover the amalgam options, they will always be available.

You should know you won’t have to pay for the composite fillings in full. Usually, your dentist can bill the insurance for the cost of the filling they will cover and you just pay the difference to your dentist. It’s a great way to get a superior filling without incurring the full cost.

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