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Can I get implants cheaper than clear choice?

I went to my local Clear Choice center and they quoted me about $50,000. I almost fainted. $50,000!! I’ve already had all my teeth extracted. Will that make it any cheaper? Is there another way to save money on these implants? I can’t really wear my dentures any more, so I know I need them, but jimminey crickets that is a lot of money.

Dirk from Newport.


Clear Choice has a fantastic marketing program. Plus, I think their free CT scan really draws people into their office for a consultation. Combine that with their promise of having dental implants done in one appointment and people are attracted to their clinic. They do bring in some of the best dentists to do their work, so you can be assured that you are getting quality work done. However, their all-on-4 procedure (which avoids bone grafting) is riskier than more traditional methods.

I do think you’ll be able to get this done for less than was quoted to you by Clear Choice. Though, you will probably need bone grafting. I’m basing that assumption on your saying that you can no longer wear your dentures. This leads me to believe that you’re dealing with facial collapse, a natural result of wearing removable dentures for 10 or 20 years or more.  My advice is to get a second opinion from a qualified implant dentist. I’d be sure he or she is qualified. Implant dentistry is not a regulated specialty, so any dentist can learn the procedure and call themselves an implant dentist. In reality, it takes a lot of post-graduate training to do dental implants correctly. Take a look at Dr. Newkirk’s bio. to get an idea of the kind of training you’ll want to look for.

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