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Can I switch dentists in the middle of an implant procedure?

I am getting two dental implants.  The surgery is done, by an oral surgeon, and my dentist put on a maryland bridge. I was excited about this whole procedure, until recently.  I’m on my third bridge.  I’m beginning to lose confidence in my dentist.  Is it OK to switch in the middle of a procedure? I’m spending around $10K on this and want to make sure it is done well.

Valerie B. – MA


I’m not having too much confidence in your dentist either.  A Maryland Bridge is made of a false tooth (or teeth) suspended between two metal wings. The are attached to your adjaced teeth, which are also etched,  with a bonding composite.  They should not need replacement.

The fact that the bridge has had to be replaced three times tells me your dentist lacks both training and skill. I’m very relieved to hear he didn’t do the surgical part of your dental implant procedure..  I highly suggest you switch dentists. You’re at an easy place in the procedure to do that too.

Your dentist is under an ethical obligation to make the transition smooth.  He must cooperate with you changing dentists and provide your new dentist with all the up to date information about your case.

Dental Implants is a highly advanced procedure and you need someone who is skilled.  By the way, a Maryland Bridge is not the standard temporary tooth replacement during the healing period of an implant procedure.  Most dentists would go with a dental flipper.

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