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Can I use my Sonicare on my porcelain veneers?

I’m getting porcelain veneers and was wondering about aftercare. I have read that I’m not supposed to let the hygenist use any kind of ultrasonic equipment on them. So I’m wondering going forward for my checkups and cleaning what I should have them do? I want to make sure they don’t do anything that could harm the veneers.

I questioned my dentist also about using my Sonicare going forward. He has never heard that this could cause the veneers to fall off. But I have read that it can. What are your thoughts? Thanks
– Monica from Maryland

As far as the post-operative care for your porcelain veneers and what not to let the hygienist do – The most important thing is that your hygienist never use power polishing equipment like the Prophy Jet on you. That blasts a power spray of sodium bicarbonate on your teeth and it will remove the glaze on your porcelain veneers and make them so they will stain. It’s very damaging, and once that glaze is gone, your veneers will never be the same again.

There is a website that claims that a Sonicare or other sonic toothbrush will loosen the bond of porcelain veneers, but that is not true. The University of Missouri at Kansas City did a study where they brushed porcelain veneers for two years with a sonic toothbrush and confirmed that it does not weaken the bond strength of porcelain veneers. The Sonicare is an excellent brush – great at removing plaque, and I would encourage you to use it on your porcelain veneers.

A great toothpaste to use after you get your porcelain veneers is Supersmile. It’s available on the Web directly from the manufacturer, and it is also sold on the cosmetic dentistry website, mynewsmile.com.

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