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Can porcelain veneers make a gummy smile pretty?

When I decided to get porcelain veneers, I told my dentist what I was wanting. I was especially concerned with how much of my gums you can see when I smile. When the procedure was done, the veneers themselves looked fine, but my gums were the same, and actually looked a little worse to me because now they look uneven. He says the veneers are beautiful and I’m being one of those patients who’s never satisfied. Am I being unreasonable? I was under the impression the gums would be addressed.

Lexi  – Boston


I’m really don’t like it when dentists try to blame patients for their problem. First, if you told him the gums were one of your main concerns that should have been address before the porcelain veneers. The symmetrical issue as well as taking a couple of millimeters of the gumline will generally open up a smile.

Unfortunately, to make this work, it will all have to be redone. I don’t think your dentist is the one to do it. He doesn’t sound very skilled in cosmetic issues or he would have known how to handle the gum issue. Then there are his manners, which leave a lot to be desired.

I would get a second opinion by a highly skilled cosmetic dentist. They might be able to help you get some of your money back, then do the procedure correctly.

I’m sure there are some great cosmetic dentists in the Boston/Salem area. Go to mynewsmile.com. They list out expert cosmetic dentists by area. You will find someone on that list that can give you the gorgeous smile you were looking for.

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