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Can you darken porcelain veneers after they’re put on?

When veneers are TOO white, can they be darkened? I would very much appreciate an answer.
– Jack from Tennessee

No, you can’t lighten or darken porcelain veneers once they’re put on your tooth.
This is just another reason why it’s important to go to an experienced cosmetic dentist rather than your family dentist for a smile makeover. If a dentist is experienced in creating new smiles, he or she will always have a way to try out the smile design before the teeth are bonded on.

I don’t know exactly what your problem is without seeing your case, but I’m guessing you or someone close to you had porcelain veneers placed and the dentist went overboard on the white. And too white can look pasty and fake, especially if it is done by a dentist who hasn’t done many smile makeovers. An excellent cosmetic dentist will caution you if you want a result that could end up not looking natural.