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I Can’t Keep My Dentures In

I’m feeling a tad desperate. I’v had dentures for many years. But, now, I cannot keep it in. It moves all the time and falls out in the most embarrassing times. Is there an option to help me with this?

Alexandra M. – New Jersey


I’m sorry for what you’re going through. There is a way to fix it, but it will take some doing.  The reason  your dentures are slipping is because you’ve lost too much bone structure. The only way to keep your dentures in is to build your bone structure back up.

You can do that with bone grafting. However, I will warn you that you will eventually have the same problem.  You have a couple of options to prevent that.

  1. Instead of getting dentures, you could get dental implants. The implant appliances help retain your bone structure.  If those are out of your budget. You have a second option.
  2. I’d suggest in that case, implant retained dentures.  You can get as few as two dental implants to hold in your dentures.

I hope this helps.

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