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Concern about dental implant plan

I’m getting four dental implants on my upper arch, but my dentist is doing six crowns. He said it is because it will help in working with the color and size. I don’t really want to get two extra crowns if they are not necessary. Is it important to do the extra ones?

Molly H. – Sacramento, CA


No, it is not necessary. In fact, why would you want to grind down healthy teeth? If he needs these two extra teeth to “help with the size and color”, it is only because he isn’t skilled in working with the cosmetic aspects of dental implants. Doing six teeth instead of four will more hide things if they don’t match your other teeth.

While dental implants are a fantastic replacement for missing teeth, if the dentist who does the implant crown isn’t familiar with the the artistry involved in cosmetic dentistry, you could end up with something that looks pretty fake. If it is your front teeth, you want to be especially careful.

A skilled cosmetic dentist could match even just one crown.  The fact that this dentist is willing to sacrifice two healthy teeth to cover his lack of ability really is concerning. I suggest you look for a different dentist to do your procedure.

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