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Cosmetic Emergency

Is a veneer falling off considered a dental emergency? I feel it is, but my dental office said that it is only a cosmetic issue and they can’t fit me in for five days. Even then, they may not have a permanent veneer ready, but can make a temporary one.

Janice U. – Indiana


A dentist who does a lot of cosmetic work, would understand the nature of a cosmetic emergency, however many general dental offices do not.  How old is your veneer? They are meant to last for many years. If it is relatively new, I wouldn’t be too assured your dentist knows the proper bonding techniques.

If they won’t fit you in, you are not bound to return to the same office. You could look for an excellent cosmetic dentist in your area on the mynewsmile.com website. They recommend excellent cosmetic dentists by state. Anyone who is listed with them will be an great choice to replace your porcelain veneer.

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