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Cracked veneer

If my new porcelain veneer cracked (about three months old), should my dentist replace it free of charge? I usually wear a night guard, but on Thanksgiving I was so tired that I fell asleep without it. I woke up with a cracked veneer. Actually, I’m lucky I woke up. I could have ended up swallowing it.

Harriet I.- South Dakota


I’m assuming you wore the night guard because you have a grinding problem. Did your dentist tell you to wear it, or did you come up with that on your own?

If your dentist told you to wear it and you didn’t, then he wouldn’t be under any obligation to replace it for you. Although, if I were in his or her situation, knowing your porcelain veneer isn’t very old, I would feel some responsibility. Maybe I would not charge you for my time, but only the lab fee that I would be charged.

If your veneer cracked smoothly and both pieces are completely intact, your dentist could bond it back on in such a way that the crack would be undectable by the naked eye.

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