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Is My Dentist or My Filling the Problem?

I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies. I wanted a white filling instead of a silver one. I know it sounds vain, but I’m tired of obvious fillings and wanted something that matched my teeth. I told my dentist. He wasn’t too keen on the idea and told me they have problems. None of my friends with white fillings seem to have problems with them, so I decided to go forward with it. But, ever since, I’ve had trouble with my tooth being sensitive. Was my dentist right or did he do something wrong?

LeeAnne S.

Dear LeeAnne,

Here they are replaced with composite fillings, which are mercury-free.

If your dentist preferred silver amalgam fillings, it means he wasn’t as familiar with the technique for white composite fillings. They’re placed completely differently. When done properly, white fillings are actually better for your teeth than the silver fillings. But, they have to be done properly.

My guess is your dentist felt pressured because you really wanted the composite fillings. It’s hard for a dentist to admit he doesn’t know how to do something. He probably gave it his all, but wasn’t the best dentist to give you this procedure.

Finding the Best Dentist

It’s important that you choose your dentist carefully to make sure you’ll be able to get the services you desire. If your dentist hasn’t kept up with filling technology there’s probably a lot of things he hasn’t kept up with. Fillings are a pretty basic service.

Don’t hesitate to ask any potential dentist how much continuing education they do every year. If it’s not above what’s required for your particular state, then it’s not enough. You want a dentist who’s passionate about their profession.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dentist, your requirements should be even more stringent. It’s important you look for a dentist with both technical skill and artistic ability. It’s hard for patients to know who that is, so the mynewsmile.com website helps. They’ve checked out cosmetic dentists in each state and recommend ones that can give you a beautiful smile. A dentist can’t purchase their way onto the site. They have to demonstrate both technical skill and artistry.

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