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My Dentist Refuses to Give Me Lumineers

I’ve done a lot of research about smile makeovers and decided I wanted to get Lumineers. I especially like the fact my teeth wouldn’t have to be ground down. My dentist said no. Can you believe that? In fact, he said he’ll only place traditional porcelain veneers. I’m annoyed enough I’m considering switching dentists. They’re my teeth, shouldn’t I decide what I do with them?

Dania K. – Ft. Worth, TX


You’re right. They’re your teeth, and you will have final say. If you want to switch dentists, you can. I just want to be sure you understand why your dentist refused. You came to him to get a smile makeover. He was just trying to ensure you get the best one possible.

Lumineers are heavily marketed. One of their selling points you mentioned—no prep veneers. However, experienced cosmetic dentists know that only work for some smiles. For most, the teeth end up looking bulky. Some patients have even complained they ended up with horse teeth.

Lumineers is just a brand of porcelain veneers. Using another brand may give you a more stunning smile. The prep required for your teeth is minimal. They do not need to be ground down like they would for dental crowns. Only about the width of a fingernail will be removed. You won’t even see a difference.

To me, it sounds like your cosmetic dentist is looking out for you.

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