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Do I really need this flipper temporary?

I have a missing tooth on upper right, and will be having an implant done shortly. My dentist says I need to have a “flipper partial” installed while the gum is healing from the surgery so that the teeth on either side of the dental implant don’t move while I’m waiting to have a permanent tooth installed. I’m not keen on wearing a flipper because of the discomfort since it will be a few months before the tooth is installed. He also said that the missing tooth could cause a problem if there is no contact with the lower teeth/tooth which could become loose and erupt. Your opinion please. P.S. Your website was very useful in helping me understand my dental issues. Good job! Thanks.
Amy from Massachusetts

Everything you said your dentist has told you about the need for the dental flipper is correct. When a tooth is missing, the teeth on either side tend to tip into the space and the opposing tooth drifts down into the space. All this movement is part of a natural system that your body uses to make sure that your teeth all touch each other on the sides and all your teeth meet at the same time when you bite down. And this movement, while it is slow, begins immediately as soon as a tooth is missing, so it’s important to get this temporary flipper tooth in place within a few days after the missing tooth was extracted.

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Follow-up: Amy responds with a thank you.