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DURAthin Versus Lumineers— Which is Less Expensive

I’ve been researching the ultra-thin veneers in preparation for my smile makeover. I like the look on the pictures of DURAthin better than Lumineers but wondered if there is a significant cost difference. I can’t seem to find that information anywhere.


Dear Alanna,

Lumineers advertisement

Lumineers are one brand of porcelain veneers

I like that you are doing research, but I’d like to switch how you’re approaching it. Let’s start with the cost. The reason you can’t find any cost lists is because most of the price for a smile makeover is based on the individual dentist and his or her skill level.

While some dentists will charge as low as $700 per porcelain veneer (and I would stay far, far away from those dentists), others will charge around $3000 a veneer. That doesn’t necessarily mean the higher the price the better the smile makeover.

Smile makeovers are an art form. Unfortunately, that art isn’t taught in dental school. A dentist has to pursue post-doctoral training in order to develop the skills required. Not only does it take technical knowledge, but the dentist will need an artistic eye.

Just like any art, some artists are better than others. You can give the same paints to two different painters and ask them tp create a pastoral scene. In almost all cases, one will be better than the other. It’s got nothing to do with the brand of paints used. It’s the skill of the painter.

It will be the same with your new smile. If you want a gorgeous smile, the thing to do is pick the right dentist and let them pick the best brand of porcelain veneers to achieve the smile you want.

Finding a Great Cosmetic Dentist

I’m going to suggest that you go to the mynewsmile.com website. It is run by an expert cosmetic dentist who no longer practices. He screens dentists who want to be listed for their post-doctoral training as well as their artistic ability. Anyone he lists will give you a stunning smile.

Don’t be surprised if they recommend a brand other than Lumineers. Most good cosmetic dentists don’t like that brand. That is mostly because this brand requires a dentist to use their lab, which isn’t known for its artistry. That is very likely why you found the images from a different brand to be superior.

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