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Is my ex-wives club ripped off on their Lumineers

I have two friends who, along with me, have recently gone through a divorce. We call ourselves the ex-wives club. We decided to get our smiles re-done for a complete fresh start and a boost to our image. We’re getting Lumineers, which my dentist was thrilled to place on all of us since she recently got certified. We were equally excited, but now have some concerns.  We went in and got our mold or whatever it’s called. Right when we’re supposed to go back to get them bonded on, we get a call saying the mold needs to be re-done.  That the lab had a problem with them.  Do you think this lab is honest? I just looked up lumineers and they seem to have a bunch of bad reviews. I just want to make sure we’ll actually get our makeover.

Bernadette – Brooklyn, NY


I’m sure the lab will get your Lumineers to you. The problem is likely with your dentist, as she is the one who did the impressions. Sometimes impressions need to be re-done. What concerns me are a few things:

  1. The impressions were so bad that the lab couldn’t finish, yet she didn’t catch that.
  2. Not just one of the impressions were bad, but all of them.
  3. She is newly “certified”, which just means she passed a written test, not that she demonstrated any level of skill in the procedure.

I’ll warn you that Lumineers are often marketed to inexperienced (and often unskilled) cosmetic dentists, as being easy to place. But, let me assure you, there is nothing easy about any brand of porcelain veneers. Not if you want them to be beautiful.

I’m going to suggest something that will protect you ladies. First, insist that she use a try in paste when your Lumineers arrive. Don’t take any excuses such as, she doesn’t have try-in paste. Every cosmetic dentist should have that and if she doesn’t, she needs to get it.

After she puts the veneers on with the try-in paste, make absolutely sure you love them. If you don’t you have a couple of choices. First, ask her to re-do them. Second, tell her you’re switching dentists for this procedure.

You can still use her for general dentistry, but you may need someone more experienced for the cosmetic procedures. She is ethically bound to not only allow you to switch dentists in the middle of a procedure, but also to provide the dentists with all the lab and test results.

If you need to find an experet cosmetic dentist, go to the mynewsmile.com website. They will tell you were to find at least one in your area.

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