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If I Get Dentures Will I Look Like an Old Person?

I was thinking about getting dentures.  I have to replace my teeth. They’re all coming out because of an accident. My dentist says they  can’t be saved. If I get dentures, will it make me look old?

Nina A. – Portland


You won’t have to look like an old person just because you get dentures. The biggest thing to determine that will be the quality of the cosmetic dentist you choose. A great cosmetic dentist can give you not just a natural looking smile, but a gorgeous smile. A poorly trained cosmetic dentist can do the opposite.

There are a couple of things I’d like you to do before you settle on getting dentures. First, I’d like you to get a second opinion as quickly as possible as to whether or not your teeth can still be saved. If the second dentist says there’s no saving them, then I’d like you to look into getting dental implants.

They are more expensive than dentures, but they protect and preserve your jawbone.  You’ll be much happier and more comfortable with them over dentures.

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