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Getting rid of brown spots

I’ve had brown spots on my teeth since I was a child. They really embarrass me. My dentist has been trying all kinds of whitening, but it only makes the area around the brown spots whiter making the spots MORE noticeable. She is thinking of trying to grind off the brown spots, but we’re both hesitant because we don’t know how much she’d have to grind. Do you have recommendations?

Jenna C.- Alabama


Your dentist sounds very caring, but she does not understand cosmetic dentistry. I recommend you continue seeing her for your general dentistry needs, but to get these brown spots taken care of to any measure of satisfaction you will need to see an expert cosmetic dentist.

Teeth whitening will not work on your situation. In fact, if there are color differences, the bleaching will accentuate them. My recommendation is that you have porcelain veneers put on them. As I said before, you will want to have this done by an expert cosmetic dentist, so not only will it cover your spots, but their will be an artistry that makes them look both natural and beautiful.

One of the ways to find a qualified cosmetic dentist is to go to the mynewsmile.com website. This site is run by a cosmetic dentist and he recommends only the best in each state. They cannot buy there way onto the recommended list. Instead, they have to prove their training credentials and give examples of their artistry. You’ll be safe with anyone on that list.

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