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Her teeth have moved

I couldn’t figure out why my teeth were moving. I went in to see my dentist and was told I have periodontal disease. Because the teeth have moved, I have a big gap that I want to fix. What do you recommend?

Anna H.- Milwaukee, WI


Before you decide how you’re going to fix the gap, we need to try to save your teeth. If your teeth are moving, you’ve got advanced periodontal disease. Get with your dentist right away to figure out how he wants to proceed with treatment.

If you cannot save your teeth, then the best cosmetic option for you would be to get dental implants to replace whatever teeth you lose.

If, however, your dentist is able to save your teeth, then the best cosmetic option would be to get porcelain veneers. If the gap is huge, your dentist may suggest some braces (or invisalign) first.

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