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Is teeth whitening safe?

I am considering whitening my teeth or getting porcelain veneers. Teeth whitening seems more conservative, but I wondered how safe it was putting chemicals on your teeth.

Allison J. – Little Rock, AR


It’s good you’re asking questions. Professional Teeth Whitening is known to be perfectly safe, especially when you have a dentist monitoring your progress. There are two types of whitening. You can do in office, where it can be completed in just one day.  The second optioin is at home whitening. This allows you to whiten on your schedule and get the level of whitening you’re hoping for.

Be aware, that some people experience tooth sensitivity during the procedure.  If you know that is something you already are  susceptible to, there are preventative measures you can take.

Use a desensitizing toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate for at least two weeks before starting your tooth whitening procedure can help.

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