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Why is Mercury-free Dentistry the Big Thing Now?

All I’m ever hearing about these days is “You must go to a mercury-free dentist.” Is this the new healthcare fads? Is it really as important as everyone is saying?


Dear Ben,

before and after mercury-free fillings

Rather than a fad, I think of it more as a greater awareness. Until recently, most people didn’t realize the main ingredient in their silver fillings was mercury. Now they do. As mercury is a known toxin, you can understand people’s concern.

Now, you need to know the American Dental Association says, with testing to back them up, that the amount of mercury released from the fillings is within safe parameters. That being said, other people have run tests which show that more mercury is released than the ADA’s tests show. So, whose tests are right? It depends on who you ask. However, that explains the mercury-free explosion.

What Can a Mercury-free Dentist to for You?

First, going to a mercury-free dentist will mean you don’t have to worry about silver fillings. Instead, you’ll get white, composite fillings free of any toxic metals.

It also means if you currently have amalgam (silver) fillings, they can safely remove them. Most mercury-free dentists know how to do a sanitary amalgam removal.

You’ll find, in addition to matching your tooth color, there are a lot of perks to having composite fillings. Their silver cousins weaken your teeth. Metal conducts heat, which often makes it painful for patients who love hot drinks. With composite fillings, that is not an issue.

I hope this helps answer your question. If you have silver fillings and want to change them out, bear in mind if they’re visible when you smile, you may want to consider a procedure before switching them out.

The color the fillings are made is permanent. So, if you’ve considered whitening your teeth, do it before you whiten. That way the color you have your fillings made will match the beautiful new color of your teeth.

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