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My dentist says the amalgam fillings are safe

There is a debate going on at our house. Our dentist said that amalgam fillings are safe so my husband thinks the children can have them.  I’m of the opinion we shouldn’t put mercury in their body if we can at all help it.  What is your stance?

Mary Ellen R. – Utah

Mary Ellen,

You’re going to call me a coward, but I’m going to say you can both be right.  The American Dental Association has declared amalgam fillings safe.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to put mercury in your body.

For instance, soda is safe for consumption, but is not the best thing for us.  Everyone’s body responds to medicines and even foods differently. So, being a mother whose job it is to protect your children, I can completely understand that you wouldn’t want to risk putting a toxic substance into their bodies.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are mercury free dentists that are happy to give children white composite fillings.  You can put your husband’s mind at ease by assuring him that the composite fillings are generally better than their amalgam counterparts. They can strengthen your child’s teeth. Amalgam fillings tend to weaken them.

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