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My tooth is above my veneer

I just spent quite a fortune on my porcelain veneers and on two of my teeth there is a small line where I think my tooth is showing. I’m worried that I will get tooth decay there. My dentist says it is no big deal, but I’m not sure. Plus, I paid so much for these, I think they should have been done perfectly.

Samantha H.- Illinois


I agree that you are probably not in danger of tooth decay, unless of course there is a groove or ledge that plaque can get caught on. So, in that aspect, I agree with your dentist. However, I do think if you are unhappy with the veneers, he should fix them.

A good cosmetic dentist will let you try on the porcelain veneers with a temporary paste before permanently bonding them on. They are also very good listeners, and feel a treatment is not succesful unless their patient is thrilled.

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