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Over the Border for Dental Implants

I had a dentist tell me something which I’m not sure about. It’s one of those gut feelings that something is wrong. I asked my dentist about dental implants and he said he won’t give me any until I get my gum disease completely dealt with. I was a tad annoyed and thought it wasn’t fair of him to withhold teeth until I did another demanding group of treatments with him. I decided to get a second opinion. This dentist said the reason my dentist won’t give me implants has to do with US regulations. But, if we went over-the-border to Mexico, he could not only give me dental implants but could do them for less than half the price. It’s one of those things which sounds too good to be true, so I thought I’d ask someone about it who is too far away for me to use their services.


Dear Carol,
Ilustration of a dental implant crown being placed in three stages

I’m very glad you followed your gut and wrote. There is something seriously hinky going on here. No legitimate dentist would take you over the border in order to place your dental implants. He’s also lying about the reason the first dentist said no.

Your family dentist wasn’t trying to force you into treatment for gum disease. He was trying to protect you from spending all that money on a procedure which was absolutely bound to fail. If you think about it, gum disease leads to tooth loss, because it costs you bone support. If you don’t have enough support for natural teeth, you will also be unable to retain the implants.

Any legitimate dentist would have told you treating your gum disease is your priority number one. Then, once you have that dealt with, you’ll likely be able to safely get implants.

Dental Implant Scandal

This situation reminds me a little of the Mansueto Scandal. This former dentist, who’d lost his license took a patient to Tijuana to do her implants and practically butchered her. She’s suffered greatly as a result. I’m grateful this didn’t have to happen to you.

There are temporary solutions for you to get teeth while you get your oral health in order. Removable partial dentures will be one option. There are others. Just speak to your dentist about it. By all means, I suggest you tell your local dental board about the hinky dentist. It’s very likely he’s practicing without a license.

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