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Staining Around 1-Year-Old Porcelain Veneers

I’ve had my smile makeover for about a year. Most of them look fine, but on three of them they’re stained at the top. What does this mean? Are they faulty?


Dear Brooke,

Porcelain veneers being held up by a dental tool

Bear in mind I haven’t actually seen your porcelain veneers. However, based on what you’ve said, my suspicion is you have what is called bulky margins.

When your dentist bonds your porcelain veneers, they should be flush against your teeth and gums. The three you have which are staining likely aren’t flush.

Instead, they have the equivalent of a tiny shelf. This is where bacteria and other things get trapped. Without getting this fixed you are going to end up with serious decay which will derail your smile makeover.

Your Dentist Needs to Fix these Porcelain Veneers

I want you to go to your dentist and show him or her what is going on. If he says it’s not bulky margins and tries to blame you, get a second opinion.

One of the tricks to a good second opinion is NOT telling them who did the work or what you think is wrong with them. Just go to an expert cosmetic dentist, show them the stains you are concerned about and ask them what’s wrong.

If they ask you who did it, tell them you just want their unbiased opinion and you are happy to tell them afterward. The reason you can do that is because if it is bulky margins and your dentist refuses to acknowledge that, you’ll need the other dentist’s help.

With his opinion backing you up, your dentist will need to re-do those veneers so you are protected from decay.

Where Do You Find An Expert Cosmetic Dentist?

In your place, I’d look on the mynewsmile.com website. They have a “Find a cosmetic dentist” link. You’ll input your zip code and how far you’re willing to travel and they’ll provide you, free of charge, a list of truly expert cosmetic dentists.

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