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Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System

I currently have professional teeth whitening trays. My dentist wants me to wear them for a couple of hours a day. This is aggravating my TMJ. I recently read about the Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System. Apparently, you only have to use it for 5 minutes a day. This seems like it would be easier on my jaw. I can’t find out much information on it, though. I wondered if you knew it to be effective?


Dear Amanda,

Based on what I could tell when I did some research, it works on the same basic principles as the teeth whitening your dentist is doing with a few differences. These are what you should note.

Difference One: The Teeth Whitening Trays

Your dentist custom-fitted your teeth whitening trays. There are separate ones for your upper and lower teeth. They’re unobtrusive enough that you could be seen in public with them if you wanted to or even sleep with them.

The Tanda Pearl system has you bite into a mold while it hardens. It is one tray for upper and lower teeth so you have to bite down on it to keep it in your mouth. Even at just the five minutes they advertise, I think it would significantly worsen the TMJ Disorder pain you mentioned because of the pressure put on your jaw while you keep the tray in place.

Difference Two: The Time

There is no magic to their time frame or the time frame your dentist gave you. The longer you have the whitening gel on your teeth, the faster they whiten. If you are having discomfort with the amount of your dentist recommended, then wear them less. You can even do it for 5 minutes at a time if you want, though I generally recommend doing a minimum of 20 minutes for it to soak into your teeth. Though, you don’t have to.

Difference Three: The “Ionic” Light

I am a tad suspicious about this. They don’t have any information for consumers on this patented technology. Usually, companies with a breakthrough would be touting what makes their product so unique. Plus, if it really worked, they’d make a killing selling it to dental offices. They don’t seem to want to approach professional dentists with their product, which raises my suspicion. Truthfully, I think it is a sales gimmick.

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