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Teeth Whitening and Invisalign Before Porcelain Veneers?

I told my dentist I wanted to get a smile makeover and he told me he was recently certified to place porcelain veneers using Lumineers and would be happy to do them. However, he’s also suggesting two other procedures first. One is teeth whitening and the other is Invisalign for a slightly crooked tooth. I’m new at this, so didn’t know if this was standard operating procedure or if any of it was unnecessary. What are your thoughts?


Dear Destiny,

A porcelain veneer being placed

I’m very glad you wrote because I believe I can save you some almost certain heartache. Let’s start with the procedures he’s suggesting. The teeth whitening is pretty standard. Once the veneers are placed, they can’t be whitened. Their color is set and permanent. The whiter your teeth are when they’re placed, the closer the match can be to your natural teeth.

However, one key with cosmetic dentistry is it is about what YOU, the patient, want their teeth to look like. For instance, if you’re not wanting white porcelain veneers, but just veneers which match your natural teeth, the teeth whitening isn’t necessary.

The issue with the Invisalign for the crooked tooth, is not standard procedure. In fact, it makes me seriously doubt your dentist has the skills to give you a smile makeover you’ll be proud of sharing.

When porcelain veneers are done correctly they make crooked teeth look straight. There is no need for an additional procedure such as Invisalign.

You Need a True Cosmetic Dentist

Another issue which informs me he’s not a skilled cosmetic dentist is the fact he’s pushing Lumineers. This brand is highly marketed to inexperienced cosmetic dentists as being easy to place.

This is because the seminar stresses no-prep application. Without tooth preparation, the results are often bulky looking, which is one of the chief complaints which Lumineers wearers have expressed. In fact, I saw one reviewer describe them as horse teeth.

This is also why he’s suggesting Invisalign. He doesn’t know how to do the tooth prep, which would be required with a crooked tooth.

In order for you to find a dentist who can give you a gorgeous smile. I’m going to suggest you go to the mynewsmile.com website. They have a link for patients to find a cosmetic dentist. The best part about this is they’ve already been screened for both their technical skill and artistry. If they’re on that list, they are great cosmetic dentists.

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