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Want to “Wow” People with My Smile

I’ve lost over 100 pounds. I feel better than I have in my entire life. I’m starting to feel attractive as well. I want to go all the way with this. I’ve been keeping up with my workout routine. I’ve gotten a new hairstyle, and now I want to take it one step further. I hear that celebrities get cosmetic dentistry all the time, which makes sense. There can’t be that many people in one city all with gorgeous smiles. But, like my weight-loss, I kind of want it to be a “wow” reaction. Go big or go home…except for my weight, of course. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that some cosmetic dentists actually do a bad job. Is there a way to make sure I don’t end up with one of those?

Selena N. – New Jersey


I’m already wowed! You’ve accomplished what many people have strived for and failed. That says a lot about your tenacity. A total smile makeover is usually performed with porcelain veneers. It can change everything about your smile. It can totally give you the “wows” you’re looking for.

However, You’re right to be cautious. Not every dentist who calls themselves a cosmetic dentist is the best dentist to do a smile makeover. They’ll need to have a significant amount of post-graduate training. You want someone who’s not only technically skilled but has an artistic eye.

While in Dr. Newkirk’s case it’s easy to tell that he’s developed expertise based on the fact that he’s on the faculty of the Dawson Academy, not every dentist is so easily recognizable for their skill. So, how is a patient to tell which cosmetic dentists know what they’re doing?

One way is to look at the type of results they get. Anyone serious about cosmetic dentistry should have a smile gallery showing before and after pictures of their work.

You could also look on mynewsmile.com. They’ve done a lot of the legwork for you and recommend the best cosmetic dentists in your area. They’ll be sure to give you the gorgeous smile you want to match your gorgeous new look.

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