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What if my dentist left tooth roots?

I had two teeth extracted. I’d planned on getting dental implants. However, last night I noticed that one of the roots is still there. Can I still get dental implants with the root there?

Elaine T. – New Mexico


Are you certain it is the root of the tooth and not just some debris that needs to be cleaned out? There are occasions when a tooth root is left, but generally it is because of potential complications. One example is when it is positioned in such a way that it can puncture your sinus cavity. However, in those few occassions that it does get left, the dentist would certainly tell you.

If your getting dental implants, it will certainly need to be removed. If your dentist did leave it knowing your plans for implants, I suggest you get a different dentist for that procedure.  You’ll want the best possible dentist for such a tricky or advanced procedure.

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