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Will Lumineers Look Fake?

I’m dying to get a smile makeover. I mentioned Lumineers to my dentist because I’d seen them advertised and they looked like they can completely change my smile. But, my dentist said people can tell when you’re wearing them and I should get crowns instead because they cover the whole tooth. I’m a tad bit concerned about that. It seems like I’d be destroying healthy tooth structure to do that. With the Lumineers I wouldn’t have to do that. But, if they’ll look fake there wouldn’t really be a point in getting them.

Stacey K.

Dear Stacey,

Your instincts are right. Getting dental crowns for a smile makeover is a massive overtreatment. I’m guessing your dentist offered this because he doesn’t feel comfortable doing porcelain veneers. It would be unwise to pressure him into placing them. The results won’t be good.

As to whether porcelain veneers will look natural, the answer is yes, if done by an artistic cosmetic dentist. In fact, they’ll look more than natural. They’ll be gorgeous. Finding that cosmetic dentist isn’t always easy for patients. There are lots of ways to go about finding them though. In my mind, one of the easiest is to go to the mynewsmile.com website. They only recommend expert cosmetic dentists, and they do it by area. You’ll also find that many of the dentists they recommend offer a beautiful smile guarantee, which should give you some peace of mind in dealing with them.

A word of warning. Most highly qualified cosmetic dentists don’t like the Lumineers brand of porcelain veneers. This particular company forces dentists to use their lab, which is subpar at best. So, don’t freak out if they suggest a different brand. It won’t mean your teeth have to be ground down.

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