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Marcie's Testimonial
Marcie's Testimonial
Marcie's Smile Makeover by Dr. Newkirk
I had a goal of a bigger, brighter smile. When I found Dr. Newkirk I acheived my goal.
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Marcie's Smile Makeover by Dr. Newkirk

Onlays / Crowns / Bridges

Onlays / Crowns / Bridges

Post Op Instructions

Today, you have had your tooth / teeth prepared for one type of restoration. Depending on the restoration, this process normally takes two or three appointments to complete. Temporaries are placed to protect the teeth while the custom restorations are being made. The following are some commonly asked questions that may arise following today’s visit.

Your Bite

If your bite feels uneven after the anesthetic dissipates, please call our office. If your bite remains uneven for a long period of time, it may precipitate a sore tooth.


Please refrain from chewing with your new temporary restoration for 30 minutes. Local anesthetic was used for the preparation, so please be careful when biting or talking so that you do not bite your lip, cheek, or tongue. If possible, avoid chewing until the anesthetic dissipates.

Caring For Your Temporaries

To help keep your temporary in place, avoid eating sticky foods, especially gum and caramels. It is important to continue to brush normally, but floss very carefully and remove the floss from the side to prevent removal of the temporary. On rare occasions, temporaries may come off. Call the office if this happens and keep the temporary so that we can re-cement it. It is important for the proper fit of your final restoration that temporaries stay in place.

After the Procedure

It is possible that you may experience some slight sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures following the appointment. Your gum may be slightly tender for about 24-48 hours. We recommend that you rinse three times a day with warm salt-water rinses to reduce swelling that may have occurred. You may have a feeling of soreness or bruising around the area where the anesthetic was given. This should dissipate within 48 hours.