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Are there different brands of lumineers?

I am going to get a new smile.  I’m excited about that. I just wanted to check if there were different brands of lumineers so I can ask for the best one.

Denae L. – Brooklyn, NY


Lumineers is a brand, a brand of porcelain veneers. The question you need to ask is not what is the best brand, but who is the best dentist.  The reason is it is the skill of the dentist that makes the biggest difference.

Two dentists can use the exact same brand of porcelain veneers and have completely different results.  One smile will be stunning and one will be, at best, average.

I know it can be hard for patients to know which dentists are skilled and which aren’t.  Fortunately, mynewsmile.com lists all the really great dentists in each state.

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