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Can you get porcelain veneers if you have a tooth gap?

I really wanted to get some porcelain veneers, but my dentist said I can’t because of my tooth gap.  it’s not that bad of a gap, maybe 3 mm.  Is that impossible to deal with?

Abigail N. – Missouri


It’s not impossible to get porcelain veneers when you have a tooth gap.  If you click on this link for Dr. Newkirk’s porcelain veneers page, you’ll actually see some pictures of a case he did for someone with a tooth gap.

That being said, it may be impossible for your dentist. Don’t push him into it, because you won’t like the results. Your choice of dentists is even more important when it comes to cosmetic work.  It requires not just techical skill like any family dentist needs, but the dentist must have an artistic eye. There are many cosmetic dentistry horror stories to attest to that.

You can stay with your regular dentist for general dental work and go to someone with more experience and artistry for your cosmetic work.

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