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What is the Best Dentist for a Bulimic?

If I have bulimia, is there a better dentist for me to go to?

Name withheld.

Well, this is a little hard to answer without some more specific information. Are you still purging?  Are you a recovered bulimic and need to repair the damage done to your teeth from your previous purging?  I’ll try to answer both generally.

First, I will say, likely your best dentist will be a highly experienced cosmetic dentist. Most (though not all) bulimics became that way because of issues they had with their appearance, so obviously, that will be an important issue to you. If you get a cosmetic procedure done by a general dentist with little cosmetic experience, then you’ll get a mediocre smile. That’s certainly not what you’re going for.

Now, if you’re currently bulimic, you need to be aware that every time you purge, the acid from your vomit will eat away at your tooth enamel.  Please be sure that you rinse your mouth immediately to minimize the damage.

Next, when you’re on the road to recovery, you’ll need to have the extent of damage done assessed. There are some things the dentist can do to build your teeth back up, then you’ll likely either need crowns or veneers to get them back to a healthy appearance.

Again, the better the cosmetic dentist. The better the results. To put your mind at ease. Most cosmetic dentists have dealt with bulimia before and you won’t have to worry about being lectured or judged. They’ll work with you to recover your smile.

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