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Can Dental Implants Replace Teeth that Fell Out?

I’ve lost two teeth. They were lost because I had gum disease that wasn’t cared for quickly enough. I’m hoping I can get dental implants to replace them.

Daisy E. – Kentucky


I understand why you’d want dental implants. They are excellent tooth replacements. Unfortunately, gum disease means that implants are not a good treatment for you at this moment. The priority must be your gum disease.

Once that has been adequately treated, you can see if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. You don’t want to get them before that because they’ll just fail anyway. If your gums couldn’t sustain your teeth, they will not sustain your implants.

It just means putting off the treatment until it has the best chance of success. Once your gums are healthy enough, it will be a fine treatment. Until then, I’d speak with your dentist about some temporary options for you during your gum disease treatment.

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