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Can My Dentures Look Like My Old Smile?

I’ve had dentures for about a year. They’re not the greatest thing, but they’re not the worst either. At least I have teeth.  I lost my teeth after a severe beating. I was ashamed to smile for a long time. I can smile now.  The only thing is, it’s not really my smile.  Is it possible to get these dentures to look like my old smile before the thing that took them if I showed my dentist a picture?

Regina – Washington


I can’t imagine what you’ve been through. I’m incredibly sorry. While it is possible to get dentures to look exactly like your old smile, it will take a new set of dentures to do it.

I don’t know who did your dentures, but they should have asked you what you wanted your dentures to look like before they started them.  It’s possible they did and you were so traumatized that you weren’t able to communicate well. But, based on your question I’m guessing he didn’t.

The first thing I’d do in your place is find an expert cosmetic dentist. Look on the mynewsmile.com website. They have a search app to help patients connect with cosmetic dentists with real artistry and expertise. Anyone from that list will be able to give you any smile you want.

While you mentioned you’re happy with your dentures, I’m a little concerned your dentist didn’t give you the whole picture. You’re likely much younger than most denture wearers because you lost your teeth under extenuating circumstances.

When your teeth are removed, your body begins reabsorbing the minerals in your jawbone. It does that because our bodies are efficient and recognizes without the roots of your teeth those minerals will be more useful elsewhere.  This is why after ten or so years of wearing dentures the elderly develop a squashed looking face.  As young as you likely are, you don’t want to age your appearance.

Even worse, there won’t be enough jawbone left to retain your dentures. You’ll be completely without teeth again. There is a solution though.  If you’re going to re-do your dentures anyway, I’d suggest a completely different procedure—dental implants. These replace the roots of your teeth, saving your jawbone. They have other benefits too. They’re so much more comfortable than dentures. Not only will you look like you have your old teeth back, it will feel that way too. They’re not removable, so you can eat and brush and floss as you normally would without any risk of movement.

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