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bonding pops out

I have notch shaped lessions at the top teeth near the gumline. I had bonding put on them from my old dentist. They were great and lasted quite a number of years. They’d finally gotten to the point where they needed replacing. I had moved, so I had to use a different denitst. For some reason, every time this dentist puts on the bonding they pop out within a few weeks. What is going wrong?

Brittany- Austin, TX


I suspect  your dentist is using a hybrid type of dental bonding. They are quite hard. This is exactly the opposite of what he needs. The latest research shows that these lines are caused by clenching your teeth, which flexes them.

When you’ve got hard bonding there they will eventually pop out.  What you need is a flexible restorative material.  Instead of a hybrid, get a microfill, such as Silux Plus and Renamel.

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