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Grey tooth

My daughter is an athlete with a gorgeous smile. A few months ago she had an accident on the court and fractured her tooth. Our dentist did a root canal treatment but, now the tooth has turned grey. She’s embarrassed about her smile. I want to get it fixed. Do we need to have all her teeth done, or just the grey one?

Allie H.- Babbitt, MN


If there is just one tooth that has a problem and the rest of her smile is beautiful, then I wouldn’t change anything except the damaged tooth. Putting porcelain veneers on only one tooth is pretty tricky. The key will be finding an expert cosmetic dentist.

Unfortunately, I would not recommend going to your dentist for this procedure. He didn’t know how to do something as simple as a root canal treatement aesthetically. If you do it properly, the tooth will not turn grey.

Go to the mynewsmile.com website and see who they recommend for an area close to you. I wouldn’t go to anyone who wasn’t recommended by their site. They screen cosmetic dentists to make sure they have not only adequate post-graduate training, but that they are artistic with the smiles they create.

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