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Broke my denture dancing

I’ve done something I am really embarrassed about and am hoping you can help me.  I’m old.  I’m not telling you how old. My granddaughter keeps sending me these videos of these other elderly women who are boogying to music. I wanted to surprise her by doing my own little dance routine.  I was practicing tonight and I fell. When I did, my dentures fell out and one of the “teeth” broke off of it.  Is there a way I can fix this myself?  I’m too embarrassed to tell my dentist what I did.

Eleanor- Delaware


I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. You are trying to do something for your granddaughter, and I think it is beautiful.  I would not try to repair your dentures yourself. It is likely you won’t get it on properly. Not because you are incompetent, but because it takes years of training to understand how bites are supposed to work.

You’ll need to take it in to your dentist for repair.  Don’t worry about the circumstances that led to it breaking. You don’t have to tell him you were dancing. Though, he’d probably think it is as awesome as I do.  If he asks, you can just tell him you tripped.

I hope this helps.  This blog is brought to you by Naperville Cosmetic Dentist Dr. David Newkirk.