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Is the mercury safe in fillings?

I found out that silver fillings have mercury in them.  I’m a little worried about that and want to get rid of them somehow. My dentist says I can’t and that they are perfectly safe.  Is he right? My friends say they can be removed.

Danielle W. – Pennsylvania


Your silver (amalgam) fillings are made of about 50%  mercury. Though the ADA has said they are perfectly safe, many patients are uncomfortable with the idea of mercury being in their body.  It would be nice if your dentist understood that. He obviously doesn’t. Plus, he is either ingnorant of the fact that their is safe amalgam removal, or he is outright lying to you.

My suggestion is that you find a mercury free dentist. Explain to them your situation.  They can sanitarily remove your silver fillings and replace them with white (composite) fillings.  Also, you might want to consider switching dentists. Neither ignorance, nor lying are are good things in a dentist.

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