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Need better veneers than my sister

When I got engaged, my sister got engaged and then scheduled her wedding for a month before mine. My whole life she’s been trying to upstage me. Well, last week she did it again. I mentioned I was going to get porcelain veneers a couple of months ago. The next thing I know she shows up at my house with veneers on her teeth!  The only consolation I have is that they’re a little bulky for my taste. At least I have a chance of getting better veneers than her.  Which brand should I get that won’t look bulky?

Aliana – Brooklyn, NY


Rather than try to research a brand, my suggestion is that you research cosmetic dentists. A great cosmetic dentist can make almost any brand look gorgeous. Plus, they’ll know which brands work best with different smile types.

I suspect your sister got a no-prep type of porcelain veneer. They don’t work for all smiles and can make your teeth look bulky.

An easy way to find a great cosmetic dentist is to go to the mynewsmile.com website. They recommend highly skilled and artistic cosmetic dentists in each state. You’re fortunate to live in a metropolitan area. Some patients in rural areas have to drive several hours to get to a great dentist.  That being said, if there isn’t one listed  for Brooklyn, but there is for one of the other boroughs, it wouldn’t be worth the time to travel there.

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