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Dentures fell out at birthday party

I was at my granddaughter’s birthday party. We were in the middle of singing happy birthday when my dentures fell out onto the table. I was mortified. This is kind of the last straw for me. I want to get rid of my dentures. What are my options?

Hannah S. – Portland, OR


I’m a little surprised your dentist didn’t give you your options when you first needed to replace your teeth.  Ideally, you’d want to replace your teeth dental implants. They function just like your natural teeth. They also protect against facial collapse, which is your jawbone shrinking after the removal of your teeth. That is likely what is causing your dentures to fall out. So, you may need to build up your bone structure with some bone grafting in order to get the implants.

Sometimes, a full set of dental implants are out of the financial capabilities. If that is the case you can just get two implants and attach them to your dentures.  That will protect you from them slipping out.  Obviously a full set is better, but sometimes all we can do is what we can do.

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