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Can a Child See an Adult Dentist to Avoid Mercury?

I’m very careful what I put in my son’s body. He’s in need of a filling. I’ve been taking him to a pediatric dentist, but they want to do a silver filling, which is loaded with mercury. My dentist is a mercury-free. Would it be OK to take my son to an adult dentist in order to avoid mercury?

Brenda M. – MIchigan

Hi Brenda,

We always want the best for our children, don’t we? It is safe for children to see an adult dentist. The important thing is to make sure your dentist is comfortable treating children. You want your son’s experiences at the dentist to be as positive as possible.

You’ve got the benefit of already having a mercury-free dentist. Talk to him about the situation with your son and see how he or she feels about it.

There are pediatric dentists who are also mercury-free, but it is perfectly safe to take a child to general dentist who enjoys teaching children.

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