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Can I Lie About an Allergy?

My dentist insists that my silver fillings are fine and that all the fuss over them is overblown. I want to switch them out for the white ones. He’s so resistant that I’m frustrated. What if I just told him I’ve developed an allergy to the materials? Would he be able to tell I’m lying?


Dear Miranda,

before and after mercury-free fillings

I’m not going to recommend this idea for three reasons. First, it’s a bad idea to get into the habit of lying to a medical practitioner in order to get the treatment you want. It could lead to serious problems. In this case, you’re not asking for anything dangerous, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that.

A second reason not to do this is the procedure for bonding composite (white) fillings is completely different from the bonding method for silver amalgam fillings. It is very likely your dentist doesn’t have the experience in placing the composite fillings and that is actually the reason he’s discouraging you from switching. Forcing him out of his comfort zone could end up with either a failed procedure or you could have some pain with your filling.

Thirdly, you’re wanting to do more than just get a white filling. You’re wanting to replace the silver fillings you already have. The main ingredient in amalgam fillings is mercury. In order to safely remove these without you inhaling or swallowing any mercury, your dentist would need special tools and understand how to do a sanitary amalgam removal. I’m guessing he doesn’t.

Getting a Mercury-free Filling

If your dentist doesn’t provide the procedures you want, you are better off switching to a dentist who does than forcing your dentist into a procedure he’s not comfortable with. One option is to look for a dentist who advertises as being a mercury-free dentist.

Another option is to look for a holistic dentist. They are mercury-free. Plus, they’re more willing to work around a patient’s concerns when it comes to things like the types of materials they don’t want in their dental work.

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