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Can My Teeth Match My White Spots?

My two front teeth have had white spots on the bottom half of them my entire life. I like that whiteness but want to make the rest of my teeth match. I know if I just get teeth whitening, that it will whiten everything, even the white parts. Is it possible to whiten everything EXCEPT my two front teeth?


Dear Casey,

Yes, it is possible to whiten all your teeth, with the exception of the front two. Under normal circumstances, any dentist can do teeth whitening. Your case is different. You’ll need a dentist with more expertise. I’m going to recommend you have at-home bleaching done with a custom tray your dentist designs, instead of the in-office bleaching some dentists offer. Your dentist will need to carefully cut away the part for your two front teeth in a way that still seals in the whitening gel.

While it looks like your white spots are just a genetic cause, because they’ve erupted that way, not all white spots are. Most white spots are signs of decalcification of the teeth. This is a pre-cursor to cavities. We see this most often with people who’ve just had their braces removed. The treatment, in that case, is totally different.

White Spots After Braces

The procedure for this also requires an expert cosmetic dentist. First, they’ll use an abrasive technique to carefully remove the decalcified spots. Once that is done, they will use composite dental bonding to fill in the missing structure in a way the perfectly matches your teeth. All of this has to be done free-hand, plus the color is permanent and cannot be changed. That is why expertise is important. I recommend any of the dentists listed on the mynewsmile.com website for this type of procedure.

Also, because the color of the bonding cannot be changed once is it done, make sure your teeth are the color you want. If you’re going to whiten them. Do it before the dental bonding procedure is started.

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