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Who Should Extract My Teeth for Dentures?

I have absolutely horrible teeth. Most are broken. Some are missing. Now, I have another cavity that seems to be getting infected. When this quarantine is over I’m going to be finished with them. I want to have them all extracted and get dentures. Do I go to a dentist for that or an oral surgeon?


Dear Ben,


Before I address your question, I want to make sure you understand if you have an infected tooth, it cannot wait until after the quarantine. Dental infections, like any other infection, will spread. However, unlike other infections, a simple antibiotic won’t be enough to take care of it.

In order to deal with an infected tooth, you’d need either a root canal treatment or have the tooth extracted. In your case, an extraction is probably what you’d like. Please don’t put this off. Even the CDC would agree this is important enough to go to see your dentist even under the quarantine. Tooth infections are considered dental emergencies.

As to who should do the extractions I would go to a dentist who can do both the extractions and the dentures. Pre-denture surgery isn’t complicated and most dentists should be able to do it.

A Complication with Dentures

You need to be aware of a serious problem which accompanies full dentures. Your body will begin resorbing the minerals in your jawbone where ever you have missing teeth. This is in an effort to use your resources as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, after about ten years, with all your teeth gone, you won’t have enough jawbone left to retain your dentures. This is known as facial collapse.

There is a way to protect yourself from this. I suggest getting between four and six dental implants and having your dentures anchored to them. This is known as implant overdentures. Doing this will keep you body from resorbing the minerals because it interprets the implants as teeth roots and realizes you still need the jawbone.

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