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Can You Whiten Dental Fillings?

I have very yellow teeth because of stains picked up over the years. I want to whiten them but I also have some white fillings. Will they match? Will they whiten with my teeth or will I need to replace them?


Dear Katie,

teeth whitening trays

When you whiten your teeth, the only thing which will actually whiten is your natural tooth structure. No dental work whitens with our current technology.  When you have work, such as dental crowns or white fillings and need to have teeth whitening done, you will have to replace the dental work.

The order in which you do this is important. Have your teeth whitened first. Then, wait a week or two for the color to settle down. Then, you can have your fillings redone to match your new brighter color.

Hopefully, you have a regular dentist. If you do and they couldn’t answer this or were too busy to bother with your questions, I wouldn’t have the work done with them. In the first scenario, they lack basic skills. If it is the second scenario, they should care more about their patient’s questions.

The best dentists all have certain important characteristics:

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